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Setup FolderScan in Kofax Express

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How to setup Folder Scan in Kofax Express




The following instructions are also documented in the Kofax Express Online Help:

Using FolderScan (

Use FolderScan to import images to Kofax Express without connecting a scanner to your computer. Instead of scanning physical sheets, use Kofax Express to import or "scan" them from a folder. You can configure Kofax Express to monitor the folder indefinitely so that images are scanned automatically, as soon as they are added to the folder.

  1. On the Scan Settings tab, in the Settings group, click Scanner.
  2. On the Scan Settings tab, in the Scanner group, click Select.

    The Select Scanner window appears.

  3. On the Select Scanner window, click FolderScan.
  4. Click OK.
  5. On the toolbar, do one of the following:
    • Double-click FolderScan.

    • Click the setup tool next to FolderScan.

    The FolderScan Setup window appears.

  6. Folder: Set the path to the folder you want to import or "scan" images from. Click Browse to navigate to the folder. A folder containing a set of sample image subfolders is available from your Kofax Express installation.

    Default path:

    C:\Program Files\Kofax\Kofax Express\FolderScan

  7. File Types: Select the check box next to each file type you want to scan.

    Unselected file types are excluded from the import process.

  8. Image File Order: On the list, click one of the following to indicate the order in which images should be imported:
    • Alphabetical: Scans files in alphabetical order, starting with the file name closest to the beginning of the alphabet.

    • Chronological: Scans files in chronological order, starting with the oldest file.

  9. Next File to Scan: Set the file name of the first image to scan when you start the import operation. Click Browse to open the folder and select from the list of available files.

    Click Reset to revert to the first file name.

  10. Other Options: Select from the following:
    • New document per file: Automatically creates a new document for each file imported; typically used with multipage TIFF or PDF files. Once the new document is created, any additional Kofax Express document separation settings are applied.

      If duplex scanning is active, the first image in a multipage file is considered as a front side.

    • Watch indefinitely: Monitors the folder continuously for new files. Otherwise, the operation stops checking the folder after the final image is scanned.

    • Delete files: Automatically deletes files from the source folder after they are scanned into Kofax Express.

    • Continue on error: Does not stop the FolderScan operation if errors occur, and error images are marked in the viewer. Otherwise, the operation is stopped if errors occur.

  11. Click OK.
  12. On the Home tab, in the Scan group, click one of the following to start importing images from the folder:
    • Scan One: Imports one image from the selected folder. With simplex scanning, one image is scanned. With duplex scanning, two images are scanned: the front and the back.

    • Scan All: Imports all images from the selected folder. With simplex scanning, all odd-numbered (front) pages in the folder are scanned. With duplex scanning, all pages in the folder are scanned and the even-numbered pages are considered back sides.

    The images are displayed in a new document in the viewer. If you click Stop, the next available image in the folder is selected when you use FolderScan again. FolderScan automatically scans from the folder specified in the previous FolderScan session (unless you specify a different folder). The FolderScan path is saved per job.


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