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Job Settings Storage Location


QAID # 11649 Published

Question / Problem:

Where are the Job settings saved for Kofax Express?

Answer / Solution:

The Job settings are saved in a file named Job.JobProfile. The file is stored in a directory that corresponds to the Job name. For example, if the Job name is Invoices, there would be an Invoices folder with a Job.JobProfile file located within the folder.

The folder and corresponding Job.JobProfile file are located in the following path (where <version> is the version of Express that is currently installed:

C:\ProgramData\Kofax\Kofax Express <version>\Jobs\<Job Name>\Job.JobProfile

NOTE: The Job.JobProfile file does not contain the Job name. The folder that the Job.JobProfile file exists in controls the name of the Job.

Applies to:

Product Version
Express 3.2
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