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License levels for Standalone installations of Kofax Express 3.x

Question / Problem: 

Which license levels are available for Kofax Express 3.x?

Answer / Solution: 

Each Certified, Certified*, and Compatible scanner for Kofax Express is assigned a license level. Each Kofax Express license level provides access to all Express features.

The license levels for Kofax Express are:

License Level Part Number
Desktop KX-DS00-0001
Workgroup KX-WS00-0001 
Production — Low-Volume KX-LS00-0001
Production — Mid-Volume KX-MS00-0001
Production — High-Volume KX-HS00-0001
Production – Super-High-Volume  KX-SS00-0001


To determine which level a particular scanner was certified at, please refer to the Scanner Configurator.

For information regarding pricing, please contact your reseller or the Kofax Inside Sales department.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Express 3.2 Licensing
Express 3.1 Licensing