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Limit Access to Options window


QAID # 16655 Published

Question / Problem:

Using Kofax Express 3.x on a multi-user system, how can access be limited for individual users so that only an Administrator or assigned user may make changes to the Options window, while other users cannot?

Answer / Solution:

The ExpressAccess.xml file controls the logged-in user’s access to Kofax Express. By default, the <DisableAllAdmin> option flag is set to 0 (zero), granting full access to Kofax Express. When is set to 1, the logged-in user can view (but not change) settings on the Options window, which controls general preferences and access to individual features.

To set more than one level of access to Kofax Express on the same computer, create a folder named Kofax Express containing an override copy of ExpressAccess.xml with the alternate setting.

Copy the file to the current user’s application data folder:

  • Users\<Current_User>\AppData\Roaming

When a Kofax Express user logs in to the computer, the current user’s application data is always checked first for the override file. If the file exists, it is used even if empty, in which case it has the same effect as the default ExpressAccess.xml file that grants full access to Kofax Express. Otherwise, the ExpressAccess.xml file in the common application data folder is used.

The override file is useful if you are a Kofax Express administrator, because you can log in to any Kofax Express workstation and customize the settings on the Options window. Apply read-only permission to ExpressAccess.xml to prevent unauthorized users from altering the file.

The ExpressAccess.xml file can be found in the common application data folder:

  • ProgramData\Kofax\Kofax Express 3.2

For more information, see the online help for the Options window:

Home ¦ Kofax Express Window ¦ Kofax Menu ¦ Options Window

Applies to:

Product  Version 
Express 3.2