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End of Support for Express 3.2

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When will Kofax Express 3.2 reach End of Support and what do Limited Support and End of Support mean?


Kofax Express 3.2 is currently in Limited Support Phase and will reach End of Support on May 4, 2023.

While Express 3.2 is in Limited Support Phase:

Technical Support and R&D elevation support are still available to troubleshoot issues as long as maintenance is current. However, resolution to the issue may require an upgrade to a fully supported version.  

Limited Support means that there will not be any product updates, feature enhancements or documentation additions. Critical defects will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and at the sole discretion of the Product Manager.

Once Kofax Express 3.2 reaches End of Support:

Technical Support provides ‘best effort’ support as long as maintenance is current.  

Best effort means that Technical Support will troubleshoot the issue.  However, resolution to the issue may require an upgrade to a fully supported version. 

End of Support means there are no further Service/Fix Packs or fixes generated.  There is also no R&D elevation support.  

Additional details regarding the Kofax Lifecycle policy can be found located at the URL provided below:

If there are questions or concerns after reviewing the Kofax Lifecycle Policies and End of Support Dates please submit a Case at via the Webportal.

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Article # 3047669
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