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Evaluation Licensing for Kofax Express

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Is Evaluation Licensing available for Kofax Express?



A one-time, 15-day Evaluation Period is automatically triggered the first time a standalone installation of Kofax Express is launched. 


The Evaluation Period is not available for server/client installations of Kofax Express. 

During the Evaluation period:

  • All product features can be used without the images being Demo Stamped. 
  • FolderScan is limited to 30 images per minute
  • An Evaluation Period reminder message is displayed each time Kofax Express is launched.

Activating a Kofax Express software license or registering a Kofax Express hardware license at any point during the Evaluation Period will end the Evaluation Period.  

If a Kofax Express license (software or hardware) is not activated before the end of the 15-day Evaluation Period, Kofax Express switches to Demonstration Mode.  When Kofax Express is in Demo Mode:

  • A Demo Stamp is applied to all images that are scanned, folderscanned, or pasted into Express
  • Exporting is limited to 10 documents or 100 images per batch 
product_documentation_-_user_guides_Important-Icon.png Once the Evaluation Period ends (either due to expiration or due to the activation of a Kofax Express license), it cannot be entered into again.

Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Express 3.3
ALL Standalone N/A





Article # 3053750
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