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Network Flow between Server/Client and server database

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What is the different network flow between Server and workstations with Kofax Express, like protocol, direction of the flow or network flow between the KXP server and the clients workstations?



Kofax Express Server manages its Database (File Based Storage Objects) using standard Window File Management APIs, these APIs include (Open, Read, Write, Delete, Update). Database objects (Job definition, Batch data, scanner profile, etc...) are loaded into Express Server memory and exchange to Express clients on demand through WCF .NET TCP Port Sharing Protocol. Database objects are loaded per session when an Express Client connects to the Express Server and asks for appropriate data type. Database objects are persisted or unloaded when the client asks to persist the appropriate data type, or Express Client disconnects from the Express Server (end of client session).

Batch data such as images are instantly uploaded to the Express Server when scanning or importing from Express Client.

Job definition, scanner profile are uploaded to the Express Server only when the user hits publish command from Express Client.

There is no direct file access from Express Client and File Server (Express Database) as all database objects must go through the WCF .NET TCP Port Sharing protocol exposed by Express Server Service .

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KXP 3.3


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Article # 3046589
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