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Scanners Certified with Kofax Express 3.3

Article # 3038604 - Page views: 68

Article # 3038604 - Page views: 68


Which scanner models have been certified for use with Kofax Express 3.3?



The following scanner models have been certified for use with Kofax Express 3.3.  Support for a number of scanner models was added via Fix Pack, and the minimum required Fix Pack level is indicated for these models in the Notes column. 

Support for a particular scanner model is dependent on that model having the necessary ISIS driver for the operating system on which Kofax Express is installed.  Scanner models with limited ISIS driver Windows version support (according to the scanner manufacturer's website) are indicated in the Notes column.

Model License Level Notes
E1025 Desktop  
E1035 Desktop  
S2040 Desktop  
S2050 Desktop  
S2060w Desktop  
S2070 Workgroup  
S2080W Workgroup  


Model License Level Notes
940u Desktop  


Model License Level Notes
AD230 Desktop  
AD230U Desktop  
AD240 Desktop  
AD240U Desktop  
AD250 Desktop  
AD260 Desktop  
AD280 Desktop  
AD280F Desktop  
AD8120P Low Volume Production Fix Pack 1 and higher
AD8120U Low Volume Production Fix Pack 1 and higher
AV122 Desktop  
AV122C2 Desktop  
AV186+ Desktop  
AV188 Desktop  
AV210C2 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
AV220D2+ Desktop  
AV280 Low Volume Production Windows 8.1 only
AV320+ Low Volume Production  
AV320D2+ Low Volume Production  
AV320E2+ Low Volume Production  
AV3850SU Workgroup Windows 8.1 only
AV3852U Desktop Windows 8.1 only
AV5400 Workgroup  
AV8350 Workgroup  


Bowe Bell+Howell:
Model License Level Notes
Ngenuity 9090 Mid Volume Production  
Ngenuity 9125 Mid Volume Production  
Ngenuity 9150 High Volume Production  
XF 8000 series Mid Volume Production 32-bit Windows only


Model License Level Notes
ADS-2000e Desktop  
ADS-2100e Desktop  
ADS-2400N Desktop  
ADS-2500We Desktop  
ADS-2600We Desktop  
ADS-2800W Desktop  
ADS-3000N Desktop  
ADS-3600W Desktop  
ADS-4300N Desktop Fix Pack 2 and higher
ADS-4700W Desktop Fix Pack 2 and higher
ADS-4900W Desktop Fix Pack 2 and higher
PDS-5000 Desktop  
PDS-5000F Desktop  
PDS-6000 Workgroup  
PDS-6000F Workgroup  


Model License Level Notes
DR-2010C Desktop  
DR-2020U Desktop  
DR-2510C Desktop  
DR-3010C Desktop  
DR-4010C Workgroup  
DR-6010C Low Volume Production  
DR-6030C Workgroup  
DR-6050C Low Volume Production  
DR-7090C Low Volume Production  
DR-7550C Low Volume Production  
DR-9050C Mid Volume Production  
DR-C125 Desktop  
DR-C130 Desktop  
DR-C225 Desktop  
DR-C230 Desktop  
DR-C240 Desktop  
DR-G1100 Low Volume Production  
DR-G1130 Mid Volume Production  
DR-G2090 Low Volume Production  
DR-G2110 Low Volume Production  
DR-G2140 Mid Volume Production  
DR-M1060 Workgroup  
DR-M140 Desktop  
DR-M160 Desktop  
DR-M160II Desktop  
DR-M260 Desktop  
DR-S150 Desktop  
DR-X10C Mid Volume Production Hardware VRS Port only
Flatbed Scanner Unit 101 Desktop  
Flatbed Scanner Unit 102 Desktop  
Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 Desktop  
P-150 Desktop  
P-208 Desktop  
P-208II Desktop  
P-215 Desktop  
P-215II Desktop  


Model License Level Notes
DS-1630 Desktop  
DS-30000 Workgroup  
DS-310 Desktop  
DS-320 Desktop  
DS-32000 Workgroup  
DS-410 Desktop  
DS-510 Desktop  
DS-520 Desktop  
DS-530 Desktop  
DS-530 II Desktop Fix Pack 1 and higher
DS-535 Desktop  
DS-575W Desktop  
DS-575W II Desktop Fix Pack 1 and higher
DS-60000 Workgroup  
DS-6500 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
DS-70000 Workgroup  
DS-7500 Workgroup Windows 8.1 only
DS-730N Desktop  
DS-760 Desktop  
DS-770 Desktop  
DS-770 II Desktop Fix Pack 1 and higher
DS-775 Desktop  
DS-780N Desktop  
DS-860 Desktop  
DS-870 Desktop  
DS-970 Workgroup  
GT-S50 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
GT-S55 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
GT-S80 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
GT-S85 Desktop Windows 8.1 only


Model License Level Notes
fi-5015C Desktop  
fi-5530C2 Workgroup  
fi-5950 Mid Volume Production Hardware VRS and Legacy ISIS only
fi-60F Desktop  
fi-6110 Desktop Legacy ISIS only
fi-6130 Desktop Legacy ISIS only
fi-6130Z Desktop Legacy ISIS only
fi-6140 Workgroup Legacy ISIS only
fi-6140Z Workgroup Legacy ISIS only
fi-6230 Desktop Legacy ISIS only
fi-6230Z Desktop Legacy ISIS only
fi-6240 Workgroup Legacy ISIS only
fi-6240Z Workgroup Legacy ISIS only
fi-6400 Low Volume Production Legacy ISIS only
fi-6670 Low Volume Production  
fi-6670A Low Volume Production  
fi-6750S Low Volume Production  
fi-6770 Low Volume Production  
fi-6770A Low Volume Production  
fi-6800 Mid Volume Production Hardware VRS and Legacy ISIS only
fi-7030 Desktop  
fi-7140 Desktop  
fi-7160 Desktop  
fi-7180 Workgroup  
fi-7240 Desktop  
fi-7260 Desktop  
fi-7280 Workgroup  
fi-7300NX Desktop  
fi-7460 Workgroup  
fi-7480 Workgroup  
fi-7600 Low Volume Production  
fi-7700 Low Volume Production  
fi-7700S Low Volume Production  
fi-7800 Mid Volume Production  
fi-7900 Mid Volume Production  
fi-800R Desktop  


Model License Level Notes
HT-4139-28 Simplex Mid Volume Production  
HT-4139-48/68 Duplex Mid Volume Production  


Model License Level Notes
2000 s2 Desktop  
3000 s3 Desktop  
3000 s4 Desktop  
4500 fn1 Desktop  
5000 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
5000 s2 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
5000 s4 Desktop  
5000 s5 Desktop  
7000 Desktop  
7000 s2 Desktop  
7000 s3 Workgroup  
7500 Desktop  
7800 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
8270 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
8350 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
8390 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
9000 Low Volume Production Windows 8.1 only
N4000 snw1 Desktop  
N7000 snw1 Desktop  
N7710 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
N8420 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
N8460 Desktop Windows 8.1 only
N8500 fn2 Workgroup  
N9120 Low Volume Production  
N9120 fn2 Low Volume Production  


Model License Level Notes
ImageTracDS 1155 High Volume Production  
ImageTracDS 1210 High Volume Production  


Model License Level Notes
SCAMAX 403 Mid Volume Production  
SCAMAX 413 Mid Volume Production  
SCAMAX 423 Super High Volume Production  
SCAMAX 433 Super High Volume Production  
SCAMAX 6x1 Super High Volume Production  
SCAMAX M03/H04    


Model License Level Notes
E1025 Desktop  
E1035 Desktop  
i1150 Desktop  
i1150WN Desktop  
i1180 Desktop  
i1190 Desktop  
i1190E Desktop  
i1190WN Desktop  
i2400 Desktop  
i2420 Desktop  
i2600 Workgroup  
i2620 Desktop  
i2800 Workgroup  
i2820 Workgroup  
i2900 Workgroup  
i3200 Workgroup  
i3250 Workgroup  
i3300 Workgroup  
i3400 Low Volume Production Windows 10 only
i3450 Low Volume Production  
i3500 Low Volume Production  
i4200 Low Volume Production  
i4200 Plus Low Volume Production  
i4250 Low Volume Production  
i4600 Mid Volume Production  
i4600 Plus Mid Volume Production  
i4650 Mid Volume Production  
i4850 Mid Volume Production  
i5200 High Volume Production  
i5200V High Volume Production  
i5250 High Volume Production  
i5250V High Volume Production  
i5600 High Volume Production  
i5600V High Volume Production  
i5650 High Volume Production  
i5650S High Volume Production  
i5650V High Volume Production  
i5800 Super High Volume Production  
i5850 Super High Volume Production  
i5850S Super High Volume Production  
i920 Desktop  
i940 Desktop  
Ngenuity 9090 Mid Volume Production  
Ngenuity 9125 Mid Volume Production  
Ngenuity 9150 High Volume Production  
S2040 Desktop  
S2050 Desktop  
S2060w Desktop  
S2070 Workgroup  
S2080w Workgroup  
S2085f Workgroup  
S3060 Workgroup  
S3060f Workgroup  
S3100 Low Volume Production  
S3100f Low Volume Production  
S3120 Low Volume Production  
Truper 3210 Low Volume Production  
Truper 3610 Low Volume Production  


Model License Level Notes
KV-N1028X Desktop  
KV-N1028Y Desktop  
KV-N1058X Desktop  
KV-N1058Y Desktop  
KV-S1015C Desktop  
KV-S1020C Desktop  
KV-S1025C Desktop  
KV-S1026C Desktop  
KV-S1026C Mk2 Desktop  
KV-S1027C Desktop  
KV-S1027C Mk2 Desktop  
KV-S1028Y Desktop  
KV-S1037 Desktop  
KV-S1037X Desktop  
KV-S1038 Desktop  
KV-S1045C Desktop  
KV-S1046C Workgroup  
KV-S1057C Desktop  
KV-S1057C Mk2 Desktop  
KV-S1058Y Desktop  
KV-S1065C Workgroup  
KV-S2087 Workgroup  
KV-S4065C Low Volume Production  
KV-S4085CW Mid Volume Production  
KV-S5046H Low Volume Production  
KV-S5055C Workgroup  
KV-S5058 Low Volume Production  
KV-S5076H Low Volume Production  
KV-S5078Y Low Volume Production  
KV-S7065C Low Volume Production Windows 8.1 only
KV-S7075C Low Volume Production  
KV-S7077 Workgroup  
KV-S7097 Low Volume Production  
KV-S8120 Mid Volume Production  
KV-S8127 Mid Volume Production  
KV-S8130 Mid Volume Production  
KV-S8147 Mid Volume Production  
KV-S8150 Mid Volume Production  
KV-SL1035 Desktop  
KV-SL1035 Mk2 Desktop  
KV-SL1036 Desktop  
KV-SL1036 Mk2 Desktop  
KV-SL1055 Desktop  
KV-SL1055 Mk2 Desktop  
KV-SL1056 Desktop  
KV-SL1056 Mk2 Desktop  
KV-SL1066 Desktop  
KV-SL1066 Mk2 Desktop  
KV-SL1077 Mk2 Desktop  
KV-SL3035 Desktop  
KV-SL3036 Desktop  
KV-SL3055 Desktop  
KV-SL3056 Desktop  
KV-SL3066 Desktop  


Model License Level Notes
Patriot D40 Desktop  


Model License Level Notes
DocuMate 3125 Desktop  
DocuMate 3640 Workgroup  
DocuMate 4440 Desktop  
DocuMate 4760 Workgroup  
DocuMate 4790 Workgroup  
DocuMate 4799 Low Volume Production  
DocuMate 5445i Desktop  
DocuMate 5460i Desktop  
Documate 6440 Desktop  
W110 Low Volume Production Fix Pack 1 and higher
W130 Low Volume Production Fix Pack 1 and higher



Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Express 3.3 ALL ALL N/A
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