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Batch size is limited to 11000 images Error 1117 or 1118 when scanning importing or pasting images


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Question / Problem:

Scanning, importing, or pasting images into Kofax Express results in one of the following errors:

1118 - The current batch contains more than 10,000 images. Batches cannot exceed 11,000 images.

1117 - Batch size is limited to 11,000 images. Please create a new batch. 

Answer / Solution:

Beginning with Kofax Express 2.0 Service Pack 2, a limit is set regarding the amount of images that an individual Batch can contain. With the default values, a warning message (1118) will appear when 10,000 images are in a Batch. This warning message will mention the maximum number of images accepted in a Batch. By default, that number is 11,000.

When the default limit of 11,000 images are in a Batch, a second message (1117) will appear. This message notes that the maximum number of images has been reached.  Additional images cannot be added to the Batch once the maximum 11,000 images has been reached. If images are deleted from the Batch so that the number of images in the Batch falls below the limit, then additional images can be added to the Batch.

Please note that this limit applies to a Batch, not a Job. If a Job contains multiple batches, each batch can contain as many images at the limit allows.
It is possible to change the limits. However, Kofax recommends that this NOT be done. Setting the limits higher, and subsequently having Batches that contain more than 11,000 images per Batch may cause unexpected behavior in Kofax Express.  Issues encountered due to Batches containing more than 11,000 images per batch will not be supported.

To change the limit:

  1. Close Kofax Express.
  2. Browse to the following folder:C:\ProgramData\Kofax\Kofax Express <version>\
  3. Make a backup of the App.AppProfile file.
  4. Open the App.AppProfile file in Notepad or another such text editor.
  5. Find the following line near the bottom of the file:
  6. Change the value of 10000 to a desired value. This value determines when the first warning message appears
  7. Go to the next line, which should look like:
  8. Change the value of 11000 to a desired value. This value determines how many images a Batch can contain.
  9. Save and close the App.AppProfile file.

This feature cannot be disabled. Do not delete the configuration lines found in App.AppProfile as this may cause Express to fail to open properly.  Also note that setting the value to 0 will NOT disable the option.

Applies to:

Product  Version 
Express 3.1
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