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Fujitsu fi-6800 Hardware VRS AutoCrop not cropping like Software VRS AutoCrop


Question / Problem: 

Fujitsu fi-6800 Hardware VRS AutoCrop does not crop the page as well as disabling and re-enabling Auto Crop in the Kofax Express VRS Corrections menu.

Answer / Solution: 

As a part of the scanner certification process, Kofax engineers develop scanner-specific .XML files that contain settings that help the scanner and VRS to work together to produce the best looking images possible.  These scanner specific settings files are not used by the Kofax Express VRS Corrections post-scan VRS image processing.  Therefore, it is possible that the results obtained during post-scan VRS image processing may differ from the results obtained from scan-time VRS image processing. 


To make the Fujitsu fi-6800 Hardware VRS AutoCrop results more closely match the results of post-scan VRS processing in Kofax Express, an adjustment must be made to the Fujitsu fi-6800.xml file:

1. Navigate to %ProgramData%\Kofax\Kofax Express\Scanner Settings

2. Open Fujitsu fi-6800.xml in a text editor such as Notepad

3. Locate the following line:
<Property Name="CSkewDetect.color_stats_error_sum_thr_black_bkg" Value="60" Comment="DEFAULT 60" /> 

4. Change the Value to 80:
<Property Name="CSkewDetect.color_stats_error_sum_thr_black_bkg" Value="80" Comment="DEFAULT 60" />

5. Save the changes to Fujitsu fi-6800.xml

6. Restart Kofax Express


Applies to:  

Product Version
Express 3.1


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