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Client workstations unable to connect to Server - Express 3.2


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Question / Problem:

Kofax Express 3.2 Client workstations are unable to connect to the Kofax Express 3.2 Server.

Answer / Solution:

If the Windows Firewall for the server computer is turned on, client workstations cannot connect to it.

You can do one of the following to ensure that the connection between the server and client workstations is not blocked:

  • Turn off the Windows Firewall on the server computer.
  • While the Windows Firewall is turned on, add Net.TCP Port Sharing to the list of programs and services that are not blocked by the firewall, as explained below:
    1. On the server, start Control Panel and double-click Windows Firewall.
    2. On the Windows Firewall window, click the Exceptions tab.
    3. On the Exceptions tab, click Add Program.
    4. On the Add a Program screeen, click Browse and select the following path:
      C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\SMSvcHost.exe
    5. On the Add a Program screen, confirm the path and click OK.
    6. On the Exceptions tab, confirm that SMSvcHost.exe is selected on the list and click OK.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
Express 3.2 Server/Client
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