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Backslash Folder Separator Replaced with Underscore

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The folder separator reserved character, \, in an index field is converted to an underscore instead of performing folder separation during export from Kofax Express 3.2 Fix Pack 22 and higher.



Fix Pack 22 for Kofax Express 3.2 introduced functionality that automatically replaced any character in an index field that is not allowed for use in a file name to be replaced with an underscore if the index field value is used in the exported file name.  Since the backslash character is a reserved character, used for folder separation, it is included in the list of reserved characters.


However, the use of a backslash in an index field has traditionally been allowed to be used as a folder separator during export.  Therefore, additional functionality was added in Fix Pack 25 for Kofax Express 3.2 that allows the user to configure how Kofax Express treats backslash characters.

To configure Kofax Express to treat backslash characters in index field values as folder separators:

  1. Close any running Express 3.2 modules
  2. Install Fix Pack 25 or higher
  3. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Kofax\Kofax Express 3.2 
  4. Open App.AppProfile in a text editor such as Notepad
  5. Set the <UseFolderSeparatorFromIndexValue> value to True
  6. Save the changes to App.AppProfile.

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Kofax Express  3.2


Article # 3039964
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