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Skewed and rotated pages in exported pdf

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With Kofax Express 3.3FP2,  scanned pages are returned skewed and or badly rotated after the export and this only when OCR is turned on.



Omnipage engine.



In Express 3.2 FP46, the issue does not occur if change the configuration setting PDFCorrectSkew element in App.AppProfile from True to False.

OmniPage Engine automatically de-skews the image before performing OCR text, as text is usually printed horizontally or vertically on papers.

Express 3.3 currently does not have this configuration to prevent de-skew issue from happening in PDF export.

Engineering is researching a way to prevent image from deskewing. In the meantime, the workaround is to keep OCR disabled for such image types.


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KXP 3.3


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Article # 3041409
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