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Left Offset Value Does Not Change the Position of the Imprinting on the Page


Question / Problem: 

In the Imprinter / Endorser settings, changing the Left Offset value does not change the horizontal position of the Imprinting on the physical page.

Answer / Solution: 

For the Left Offset value to have any effect on the horizontal position (relative to the leading edge) of the imprinting on the physical page, the scanner would need to have a motorized Imprinter that could move the print head to the specified position.  Unfortunately, most scanners do not have motorized Imprinters. 

To change the horizontal position of the imprinting relative to the leading edge of the page, the scanner operator must open the scanner and physically move the imprinter to the desired position.  It is important to align the print head with an opening in the guard so that the jets have unobstructed access to the paper as it is pulled through the scanner.

Due to this limitation, the Left Offset value in the Imprinter / Endorser settings only applies to Digital Annotation of the scanned image, not physical imprinting. 



Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 4.5