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Administration Console Settings and Features


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Question / Problem:

What is the Kofax VRS Elite Administration Console?

Answer / Solution:

The Kofax VRS Administration Console is a new utility that consists of settings on eight panels for managing a Kofax VRS installation.

The Kofax VRS Administration Console provides access to the following Kofax VRS features:


Used to set general Kofax VRS preferences related to shared profile updates, multicore processing, the display language, and the Administration Console log file path.


Used to manage how Kofax VRS responds to warnings and errors that may occur under specific image or scanner exception conditions.


Used to view and manage Scan Profiles.

Auto Profile

Used to manage settings related to the Auto Profile feature, which automates the process of applying Scan Profiles.


Used to activate or deactivate a license for a Kofax VRS standalone installation.

Scanner Configuration

Used to configure scanner or file import sources used to process images in Kofax VRS.

Device Health

Used to monitor the scanner to determine if any of its mechanical components (such as rollers or paper feeder) requires service or replacement.


Used to look up the Kofax VRS license type and status, version number, and scanner details.

Keywords: multi core, multi-core

Applies to:

Product  Version 
VRS 5.1
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