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1D Bar Codes successfully read from black and white images but not from color or grayscale images


QAID # 5284 Published

Question / Problem:

Why are 1D bar codes successfully read from bitonal (black and white) images, but not from color or grayscale images?

Answer / Solution:

The Standard Bar Code (SBC) engine will only recognize 1D bar codes on bitonal (black and white) images.  The Enhanced Bar Code engine is required to read bar codes on color and grayscale images. 

An Enhanced Bar Code license is required to use the Enhanced Bar Code engine.  EBC licensing is provided by the following sources:

  • A Workgroup-level or Production-level VRS license (at scan-time only)
  • A Hardware EBC license dongle
  • An EBC license line item on a Kofax Capture license.


Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 5.1