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Bar code Size Quality and Placement Requirements for the Standard Bar Code engine


QAID # 2799 Published

Question / Problem:

What are the parameters or specifications for bar codes? What is the proper size and placement?

Answer / Solution:

To ensure readability by the Standard Bar Code (SBC) Engine, 1D bar codes must meet the following size, placement, and quality requirements:

  • Bar Width (of Narrowest Bar)
    • Minimum: 0.01 inches (2 pixels at 200dpi; 3 pixels at 300dpi)
    • Maximum: 0.05 inches (10 pixels at 200dpi; 15 pixels at 300dpi)
  • Bar Code Height
    • Minimum:  0.15 inches (30 pixels at 200dpi; 45 pixels at 300dpi)
    • Maximum:  1.25 inches (250 pixels at 200dpi; 375 pixels at 300dpi)
  • Placement
    Bar codes may be placed almost anywhere on a page with any orientation. The only places that should be avoided are the edges or margins of the page.
  • Quality
    Each bar in the bar code should be well defined, consisting of solid black pixels or solid white pixels and should meet the relative width requirements defined by the bar code type specification.
  • Quiet Zone 
    The Quiet Zone is a blank space that must exist before the Start Character and after the Stop Character.
    • Minimum Width:  0.25 inches (50 pixels at 200dpi; 75 pixels at 300dpi)
  • Resolution:
    The horizontal resolution of an image must match its vertical resolution (examples:  200dpi x 200dpi, 240dpi x 240dpi, 300dpi x 300dpi).
  • Start/Stop Characters
    Each bar code must begin with the Start Character and end with the Stop Character as defined in the bar code type specification.
Bar Codes should be tested prior to implementing them in production to determine whether they can be successfully read by the Standard Bar Code Engine.

Applies to: 

Product  Version 
VRS 5.1