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Kofax Crypto Test Tool to determine if Microsoft Cryptography issue is source of Host Processor Exception


Question / Problem: 

How to use the MS Crypto Test Tool to determine if a problem with Microsoft Cryptography is responsible for Host Processor Exception errors in BarCode.kpm when attempting to decrypt an EBC license

Answer / Solution: 

One of the most common causes for a Host Processor Exception error in BarCode.kpm is when Microsoft Cryptography cannot decrypt an EBC license during bar code recognition.

To determine if MS Cryptography is the cause of the Host Processor Exception error, Kofax Technical Support has created a simple tool that uses the same program calls as VRS/ImageControls to request that MS Cryptography decrypt a data sample. If MS Cryptography successfully decrypts the data, the tool will report success and it is safe to assume that MS Cryptography is working properly. If MS Cryptography fails, the tool will report the failure and the error code that it received from MS Cryptography.

To use the MS Crypto Test Tool:

  1. Download the Kofax Crypto Test Tool.

  2. Right-click on the downloaded zip file and select Properties
  3. If the General tab indicates that the file is blocked, click Unblock and OK.
  4. On the system where the error occurs, unzip the package.

  5. Open a command prompt and navigate to the folder where the Kofax Crypto Test Tool was unzipped to.

  6. RunKfxCryptoTest.exe

  7. The Kofax Crypto Test Tool will perform two tests and report the results of both tests. If it reports that both tests succeeded, MS Cryptography is working properly. If both tests fail, take note of any error codes that are reported.

  8. If the Kofax Crypto Test Tool reports that both tests failed, log into Windows as another user and run the Kofax Crypto Test Tool again to determine if the issue is limited to a single user account or whether it affects all users on the machine.


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 4.5