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Device Health Settings in the Kofax VRS Administration Console


QAID # 14514 Published

Question / Problem:

What settings are available in the Device Health panel in the Kofax VRS Administration Console for Kofax VRS Elite?

Answer / Solution:

The Device Health panel is used to monitor the scanner and determine if any of the mechanical components require service or possible replacement.

The Roller Integrity, Clarity, Illumination Uniformity, Paper Jams, Feeder Errors and Multifeed current values can be viewed on this panel. In addition, the threshold used to determine what category of health each parameter falls into can be adjusted on this panel.

There are two buttons available on the panel, Clear History Files and Refresh. The Clear History Files button will remove all existing device health information and related log files. The Refresh button will provide the most current status information on the Device Health panel.

The Detect and analyze health target sheets need to be checked in order to perform device health analysis using health target sheets.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 5.1
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