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Canon DR-3080CII takes several minutes to load and begin scanning with VRS 4.x


QAID # 11648 Published

Question / Problem:

The Canon DR-3080CII scanner takes 1-5 minutes to load and begin scanning with VRS 4.x. What can cause this behavior?

Answer / Solution:

Canon has released a driver version 2.5.10806.23001 for the DR-3080CII scanner that is currently not compatible with the VRS 4.x released software.

When this driver is installed, the scanner will take 1-2 minutes to load in the scanning application as well as up to 5 minutes to start pulling pages through the device when the scan button is pressed. The same behavior is exhibited when loading a NON VRS scan source through a scanning application.

To resolve this issue, the Component Installer for the scanner needs to be reinstalled after completely removing the Canon driver version 2.5. The Component Installer for the Canon scanner will install driver version 2.0.10406.09001 which is certified by Kofax. The Canon driver should be uninstalled through the Add/Remove programs utility in the Windows Control Panel.

The Component installer for this scanner can be reinstalled from the VRS 4.x CD or download media at the following location:

VRS 4.5\Scanner Drivers\Canon\CI-DR-3080CII.exe

This issue has been documented in SPR 45772.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.5