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Error 48 Error loading DLL when connecting to a Hardware VRS scan source


QAID # 16448 Published

Question / Problem:

When connecting to an HVRS scan source with VRS, the following error message is reported:

Error 48 – error loading DLL

Answer / Solution:

This error is caused by a missing ASPI driver file that is required by Hardware VRS scan sources. 

To resolve this issue:

1. Download

2. Right-click on the downloaded and select Properties

3. If the General tab reports that the file is blocked, click Unblock.

4. Click OK

5.  Unzip the package

6.  Run the unzipped ScannerSupport.exe


ScannerSupport.exe will install the ASPI driver for known HVRS OEM scanners. The executable creates an installation parameter ("ASPI=0") that will allow connection to the scanner without need for an additional ASPI layer installation.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.5