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Error occurred while scanning or importing when loading Fujitsu fi-5950 ISIS with SVRS in Scan Module


QAID # 20734 Published

Question / Problem:

When loading a VRS source for the Fujitsu 5950 scanner in Scan Module, the following error is displayed:

an error occurred while scanning or importing

Answer / Solution:

This error may occur when the scanner's ISIS driver is not installed correctly or is corrupt.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Uninstall the driver from Device Manager:
    Start Menu ¦ Right-click on Computer ¦ Select Manage ¦ Highlight Device Manager ¦ Expand Imaging Devices ¦ Right-click on Scanner ¦ Uninstall.
  2. Delete the scanner sources by doing the following:
    1. Start Menu ¦ All Programs ¦ Kofax VRS ¦ Kofax Administration Console ¦ Select the Scanner Configuration, or enter scannerconfigutil in the Search programs and files Text Box.
    2. Highlight the selected scanner and click on Configure Sources.
    3. Select each individual source and delete it. (Keep this window open for Step 4.)
  3. Reinstall the driver by either resetting the Scanner or by selecting Scan for Hardware Changes via right-clicking on any folder in Device Manager.
  4. Recreate the scanner sources by selecting Create Standard Sources and setting the desired source as Default.

Applies to:

Product  Version 
VRS 5.1