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ISIS Scanner Driver Test Program - TestAppN


QAID # 11269 Published

Question / Problem:

Is there a test program/utility that I can use to verify that a scanner is working properly using the scanner's ISIS drivers?

Answer / Solution:

Yes. There is a program named “TESTAPPN.EXE" which can be used to verify that the scanner is working properly using the scanner's ISIS drivers.

NOTE: This program cannot be used with VRS Hardware scanners, or with the Kofax Adrenaline 850 or 1700 boards.
  1. Navigate to C:\Windows\PIXTRAN
  2. Run TESTAPPN.exe
  3. In the Scanner Selection window, highlight the scanner (make sure that it is the exact name of the scanner).
  4. Click on the OK button.
  5. In the Test APP-scanner_name window, click on the Scan Page button.
  6. A page will be fed through the scanner and a dialog box will display “Success!” NOTE: This program does not display the scanned image.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
VRS 4.5 Drivers
VRS 5.1 Drivers
VRS 5.1.1 Drivers
VRS 5.1.2 Drivers