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Peripheral mechanical malfunction error when scanning in VRS Test Console VCDemo or Kofax Capture Scan module


QAID # 21052 Published

Question / Problem:

While attempts to scan using the Windows Devices and Printers utility are successful, attempts to scan with the Kofax VRS 5.x Test Console, VCDemo, or the Kofax Capture Scan module result in the following error:

Peripheral mechanical malfunction error

Answer / Solution:

Windows uses a WIA driver to scan from Devices and Printers, while VRS uses the scanner's ISIS driver. To test whether the root cause of the issue is in the ISIS driver or possibly the scanner hardware itself, perform a test scan using the ISIS driver's test application, TESTAPPN, which is located in the following path:


For more information on using TESTAPPN.exe, see KB article 11269.

If TESTAPPN is unable to communicate with the scanner, or if it reports any errors during scanning, contact the scanner's manufacturer for support troubleshooting the scanner hardware and/or its ISIS driver.

Applies to: 

Product  Version 
VRS 5.1