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Unknown ISIS Error 20393


QAID # 10359 Published

Question / Problem:

What does error 20393 "unknown ISIS error" mean?

Answer / Solution:

Error 20393 is generally stating that the scanner's ISIS driver is reporting an error that the Kofax software cannot interpret.

This can mean that there is an error on the scanner that will need to be addressed. However, this more often means that there is a communication error caused by the scanner driver itself. Most likely, the scanner's ISIS driver version is either corrupted or not compatible with the Kofax software. Please see QAID 3817 to address this possibilty by renaming the Setscan.ini file.

If this error is still present, verify that the latest ISIS driver is installed for the scanner model in use. After an updated driver has been installed, follow the steps in QAID 3817.


Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.5