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Capture RAW grayscale or color images from the scanner before VRS processing

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How can RAW grayscale or color images from the scanner be captured before VRS processing takes place?


For analysis of images, it may be necessary to capture the original grayscale or color images from the scanner.

To capture the original grayscale or color images:

  1. In the root of C:\, create a folder called Raw.  Grant the user permission to write to the folder.
  2. Locate the VRSInput.ini file and create a backup of it. By default, the VRSInput.ini file can be found at:
  3. Add the following lines as new lines at the end of the file:
  4. Launch VCDemo or the VRS Test Application and scan the target image(s) using a VRS source.
  5. Check the Raw Images directory found on the C: drive (C:\Raw) for the output file(s). The file(s) will have a .BMP extension. The file(s) should be named in reference to the scanner that is being used.
    Tip-Icon.png Example: If a Panasonic KV-S2048C is used with VRS, the corresponding file name would be KV- S2048C_gr_200.00000a.BMP.
  6. Once the required BMP files are created, remove the lines added in Step 2 from the VRSInput.ini file and save it again.


  • If scanning in black and white or grayscale in VCDemo or the VRS Test Console, the output BMP file will be in a grayscale format. If color scanning was performed, the output BMP will be in color.
  • With Kofax VRS Elite, the Multicore feature must be turned off via the Kofax VRS Administration Console before implementing the above steps. Failure to do so will result in the BMP files not being created.

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Kofax VRS 5.2




Article # 3033102