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Deactivate a VRS Elite License for use on another machine

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How to Deactivate a Kofax VRS 5.x Elite license for use on another PC.


Kofax VRS 5.x Elite licenses can be deactivated using the Kofax VRS Administration Console. 

The license must be deactivated on the existing station before it can be activated on a new station.

To deactivate a Kofax VRS 5.x Elite license:

  1. Run VRSAdministrationConsole.exe
  2. Select License from the menu to navigate to the License screen
  3. Take a screenshot of the License screen or copy the License Part Number, Serial Number, and Product Code into a text file and store it in a safe place for future use.
  4. Click Deactivate
  5. Click OK on the confirmation message.

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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax VRS 5.2.0


Article # 3033160
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