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Download Fujitsu fi Series Scanner Drivers

Search for drivers by scanner "Series", "Model' and "OS" at Fujitsu's website's URL.
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How to download the Fujitsu fi- Series scanner drivers.



Drivers for the Fujitsu fi- series scanners can be downloaded from Fujitsu's website. 

The following link to Fujitsu's website will allow you to search for drivers by scanner "Series", "Model' and "OS".



Search results on Fujitsu's website may return TWAIN, Legacy ISIS, and PaperstreamIP (ISIS) drivers.  

  • The fi-6670 and  fi-6770 PaperstreamIP (ISIS) and Legacy ISIS drivers are certified for use with Kofax VRS 5.1.x.  However, only the Legacy ISIS drivers qualify for Fujitsu OEM VRS 5.x licensing.
  • The fi-6400 and fi-7000 Series scanners are certified with Kofax VRS using the PaperstreamIP (ISIS) drivers.
  • All other certified Fujitsu scanners are certified with Kofax VRS using the Legacy ISIS driver. 

To learn which Fujtisu scanners have been certified by Kofax for use with Kofax VRS / ImageControls, see the Scanner Configurator page at: 


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax VRS 5.2
ALL ALL Fujitsu scanners


Article # 3033014
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