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Uninstall VRS 5.2 Fix Pack Manually

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How to uninstall a Kofax VRS 5.2 Fix Pack manually and silently



Kofax VRS 5.2 fix packs can be uninstalled (rolling back to the base version of Kofax VRS 5.2) using the Windows Control Panel's Programs and Features utility and clicking View installed updates.

However, there may be conditions (such as silent uninstallations) that dictate manually uninstalling a Kofax VRS 5.2 fix pack from the Command Prompt.



To silently/manually uninstall a Kofax VRS 5.2 fix pack from the Command Prompt:

  1. Close all applications and services that use Kofax VRS / ImageControls, including all Microsoft Office applications and Windows File Explorer.
  2. Open an elevated Command Prompt "as administrator"
  3. Use one of the following Fix Pack-specific commands to uninstall the fix pack:
    • Fix Pack 11
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={D5ABB8E1-AF17-4442-BE3C-18E13373F180} /qn
    • Fix Pack 10
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={2C565E13-E6C2-4BFC-81FA-59FC666A346E} /qn
    • Fix Pack 9:
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={95CA7DDC-1ECA-40FB-8732-77D86BE58594} /qn
    • Fix Pack 8:msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={D64E52FF-F663-4236-90F2-180D7F379539} /qn
    • Fix Pack 7:
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={30A06F04-1EBC-41FF-81D9-A6C71C489A27} /qn
    • Fix Pack 6:
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={E0A4BDC9-EA28-41C5-B95B-E8F1A584E745} /qn
    • Fix Pack 5:
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={1042D19D-B6B3-4A78-8C88-FD8571817384} /qn
    • Fix Pack 4:
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={1B1E8035-EDEC-4440-834D-F68AFD58F332} /qn
    • Fix Pack 3:
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={2420585E-081C-42BC-999E-37D601DD8A94} /qn
    • Fix Pack 2:
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={973D4A0F-DE63-4BA8-BDA6-A0ED82F9E393} /qn
    • Fix Pack 1:
      msiexec.exe /I{8C3B9971-87E9-4D91-AF83-54F518590387} MSIPATCHREMOVE={047428A6-5BB3-4B27-827A-46495A7031B4} /qn



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