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Context value required for computation not set error when loading a VRS scan source in VCDemo with Kofax VRS 5.x


QAID # 15915 Published

Question / Problem:

The following error message displays when attempting to load a VRS scan source in the VRS Test Application/VCDemo with Kofax VRS Elite:

Context value required for computation not set.

Answer / Solution:

This error will occur when VRS 4.5 is installed over an existing installation of Kofax VRS Elite.

If VRS 4.5 was installed over Kofax VRS Elite, such as installing Kofax Capture 10 and then installing VRS 4.5, it is recommended to uninstall Kofax Capture and follow the steps outlined in QAID 15831 — How can I install VRS 4.5 with Kofax Capture 10?.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
VRS 4.5 Install/Uninstall
VRS 5.0 Install/Uninstall
VRS 5.1 Install/Uninstall
VRS 5.1.1 Install/Uninstall
VRS 5.1.2 Install/Uninstall