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Locate Kofax VRS.msi File from Standalone Installation


Question / Problem: 

How to locate the Kofax VRS.msi file that is extracted from setup.exe during installation

Answer / Solution: 

During the installation of Kofax VRS, an installer file called Kofax VRS.msi is extracted from the setup.exe file.


To find the location where the Kofax VRS.msi file is stored:

  1. Run the Registry Editor:  regedit.exe
  2. Select Computer
  3. From the Edit menu, select Find
  4. Enter VRS.msi into the Find what field and click Find Next
  5. The first result should return the following key:
  6. Confirm that the PackageName value is Kofax VRS.msi
  7. The LastUsedSource value includes the location of the Kofax VRS.msi file.
    n;1;C:\ProgramData\Downloaded Installations\{<GUID>}\
  8. Navigate to the path indicated in the LastUsedSource value to confirm that the Kofax VRS.msi file is present in that location


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 5.1