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Uninstall Kofax VRS 5.0 when not listed in Programs and Features



Question / Problem:

How to uninstall Kofax VRS Elite 5.0 when it does not appear in the Windows Control Panel's list of installed Programs and Features

Answer / Solution:

Kofax Capture 10 installs Kofax VRS Elite 5.0 SP1 silently, causing it to not appear as a separate line item in the Windows Control Panel's list of installed Programs and Features. However in certain cases it may be necessary to uninstall VRS Elite 5.0 without completely uninstalling Kofax Capture.

To uninstall Kofax VRS Elite 5.0:

  1. If Kofax VRS Elite 5.0 is using a local software license, deactivate the license using the Kofax VRS Administration Console and record the Part Number, Serial Number, and Product Code for later use.
  2. Locate the Kofax Capture installation media and note the path where \VirtualReScan 5.0\setup.exe is stored.
  3. Open the Run window and enter the path to the VRS Elite 5.0 setup.exe file (encompassed by quotation marks) followed by the /x switch.

    For example:

    • From the Kofax Capture 10.0 Installation DVD (where <DVD> is the drive letter of the DVD drive):
      "<DVD>:\Kofax Capture\Prerequisites\VirtualReScan 5.0\setup.exe" /x
    • From the Kofax Capture 10.0 Share (where <Server> is the network server path):
      "\\<Server>\CaptureSV\WrkInst\Prerequisites\VirtualReScan 5.0\setup.exe" /x
  4. After the uninstaller has completed, delete the ImgCtls folder and its remaining contents.
    The ImgCtls folder is commonly located in one of the following locations:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\Capture\ImgCtls
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\CaptureSS\ServerLib\ImgCtls
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\ImgCtls
  5. Delete the following folder and its remaining contents:
Note: Once Kofax VRS Elite 5.0 has been uninstalled, either Kofax VRS 5.0 or another supported version of Kofax VRS must be installed for Kofax Capture to function properly.

Applies to:

Product  Version 
VRS 5.0
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