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Please wait while Windows configures Kofax VirtualReScan when launching VCDemo with VRS 4.x


QAID # 12968 Published

Question / Problem:

When attempting to launch VCDemo / VRS Test Application from the Windows Start menu, a Windows dialog box displays the following message:

“Please wait while Windows configures Kofax VirtualReScan.”

Answer / Solution:

This message can occur if the executable file for VCDemo/VRS Test Application, vcdem32p.exe, is moved or deleted from the Kofax bin folder.

Although this message appears to be reinstalling the product, it is only searching for the vcdem32p executable file. If the executable file was moved to a different directory, clicking the Cancel button on the installer window will open the VCDemo /VRS Test Application and function as normal. However, the Windows installer dialog box will display each time the program is launched until the vcdem32p.exe file is copied back into the Kofax bin folder.

The Kofax bin folder is located in the following path for VRS standalone installations:

C:\Program Files\Kofax\ImgClts\bin

If the vcdem32p.exe file was deleted, the Windows installer dialog box will continue to prompt for the VirtualReScan media to replace the missing vcdem32p.exe file. To resolve this, the VirtualReScan software should be reinstalled.

In earlier versions of AIPE 3.x or VRS 3.x, the “cannot load DLL – reason unknown” error would occur if the vcdem32p.exe file was missing.

To resolve this issue, it is recommended to upgrade to a supported version of the software which will reinstall the vcdem32p.exe file.

For details on supported software versions of VRS, please see the Kofax Scanner Configurator.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.1
VRS 4.2
VRS 4.5