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Saving Multipage TIFF images in VCDemo


Question / Problem: 

How to save scanned images as Multipage TIFF images in VCDemo.

Answer / Solution: 

Be default, VCDemo saves scanned images as single-page TIFF images.  Every time a new scan job is initiated, the TIFF images in the storage location will be overwritten by the newly scanned images.

To configure VCDemo to save scanned images as Multipage TIFF images:

  1. From the File menu, select Multi-Page Settings
  2. Change the value from Overwrite to Append
When the Multi-Page Settings are set to Append, VCDemo will append the scanned images to the existing SCN.tif file in the storage location, even if that file was created during a previous VCDemo session.  To start a new Multipage TIFF image file, remove the existing file or configure VCDemo to save the images to a different location or filename.

VCDemo does not persist the Multi-Page Settings value between sessions.  If VCDemo is closed, the Multi-Page Settings value will be reset to Overwrite Page the next time VCDemo is opened.


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 5.1