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Unhandled error in kprntctl.cpp at line 410 when loading VCDemo


QAID # 2323 Published

Question / Problem:

When loading VCDEM32P.EXE why do I get an unhandled error in kprntctl.cpp at line 410?

Answer / Solution:

The problem will occur if there are no printers installed or if there are too many printer installed. For example error occurs when a large number of printers are installed. Usually 18 or more printers can cause the problem, but it has occurred with lesser numbers such as 15.

Error also occurs with Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500 and DeskJet 1100 printer drivers.

This problem may occur with newer printers that don't use PCL 3/4 based drivers, or drivers that use Postscript. The problem is due to the KPrnt control, basically being incompatible with newer printer drivers that are PCL Level 5 or higher.

It is also possible to install a "dummy" printer and keep the existing printers in place. Simply install an older printer driver, such as, a HP Laser Jet 4, and set it as default. The problem should no longer exist.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.5