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Hardware Key Not Detected or Incorrect Type error when attempting to scan using Kofax VRS 4.x


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Question / Problem:

Attempts to scan result in the following error: 

Hardware Key Not Detected or Incorrect Type! Software VRS will switch to Demo Mode and stamp some of your images with a Kofax logo.

Answer / Solution:

This error indicates that you are attempting to scan using a Virtual ReScan (VRS) source, but the VRS hardware USB key is not being detected by the software.

If you do not have a VRS hardware key, you should select a non-VRS scan source for your production scanning. If you do have a VRS hardware key, continue with troubleshooting the error below.

This message may appear if the USB Dongle was connected to the PC before installing VRS.

Check in Device Manager under OTHER DEVICES to ensure the hardware key is not listed as "USB Token."

If the hardware key is listed as "USB Token":

  1. Right click on USB Token and choose 'Uninstall.'
  2. Wait a few seconds and then from the 'Action' menu select 'Scan for Hardware Changes.'
  3. The USB Dongle should then list correctly under 'Software Security Token' as 'Rainbow USB SuperPro'

Ensure that the USB hardware key is securely connected in a functional USB port and the LED is lit when the PC is Powered ON.

If you continue to experience problems:

  1. Go to Control Panel and select 'Add Remove Programs.'
  2. Remove the 'Sentinel System Drivers.'
  3. Download and Install the latest drivers for the USB Dongle from the Rainbow Web Site:

The technical support and downloads web page,, will contain the Sentinel Protection Installer 7.0: Protection Installer

The Sentinel Protection Installer v7.0 readme will include information needed for using this utility:

If you have another VRS hardware key that is known to work, try it on the PC or alternatively try the potentially faulty USB Dongle on another PC that has the VRS software installed to determine where the fault lies.

If after following this advice the USB key is still not detected do not rule out the possibility of a faulty Key - complete the Return Materials Authorization form to obtain a replacement key:

Applies to:

Product  Version 
VRS 4.5
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