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Identify the Machine ID of a remote VRS 4.x station


QAID # 10091 Published

Question / Problem:

How to identify the Machine ID of a remote VRS 4.x station

Answer / Solution:

ARP, or Address Resolution Protocol, can be used to identify a remote station's hardware MAC address.

To use the arp command:

  1. If you know the remote station's IP address, use the command prompt to ping the station — this will update the local station's ARP cache (list of known hardware addresses).
  2. Use the arp -a command, followed by the remote station's IP address and the remote station's MAC address will be seen.

    From the command prompt, type:
         arp -a 192.168.***.***
    The output will readsimilar to:
    Interface: 192.168.***.***    ---0x2    
         Internet Address Physical Address Type 
         192.168.***.*** 00-0a-b9-12-34-12 dynamic

By providing the station's physical address to Kofax support, it may be possible to help track this

Applies to:

Product  Version 
VRS 4.0