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License Levels - Kofax VRS 4.x


Question / Problem:

What are the available VirtualReScan (VRS) license levels for VRS 4.x?

Answer / Solution:

There are four VRS 4.x license levels: Basic/Standard, Desktop, Workgroup, and Production. Each license level supports a unique set of features. The appropriate VRS 4.x license level required for a certified scanner is determined by the scanner's rated volume throughput, which is measured in pages per minute (ppm).

The chart below lists the required throughput and supported feature sets for each VRS 4.x license level:

License Level Scanner Throughput VRS Basic Features VRS Professional Features AIPE Features Enhanced Bar Code Engine
Basic N/A Yes No No No
Desktop up to 25 ppm Yes Yes No No
Workgroup up to 50 ppm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Production over 50 ppm Yes Yes Yes Yes

VRS Basic Features include:

  • Automatic Brightness
  • Contrast Control
  • Gamma Control
  • Line Filter
  • Speckle Removal Filter
  • Deskew
  • Automatic Cropping
  • Edge Cleanup

VRS Professional Features include:

  • Enhanced Clarity
  • Fill Holes
  • Automatic Orientation
  • Automatic Color Detection
  • Background Smoothing
  • Blank Page Deletion

Adrenaline Image Processing Engine (AIPE) Features include:

  • Annotation/Endorser Support
  • Bar Code Recognition
  • Black Border Removal
  • Deshade
  • Deskew
  • Despeckle
  • Forms Recognition
  • Image Filtering
  • Line Removal
  • Patch Code Recognition
  • Streak Removal

Note: Enhanced Bar Code recognition is only available at scan time with VRS software licensing. Enhanced Bar Code recognition during import requires a hardware EBC license.

For more information on VRS 4.x License levels, please see the VirtualReScan 4.x Licensing Application Note.

To determine the proper license-level for your scanner, please refer to the Scanner Configurator.

Note: All non-certified, compatible scanners require a Workgroup-level license, regardless of rated throughput.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.0