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License level does not match previous license level error when upgrading the Canon OEM VRS 4.x software to VRS 5.x Elite with an Upgrade license


QAID # 17668 Published

Question / Problem:

When attempting to upgrade the Canon OEM VRS 4.x or 5.x software to VRS Elite (5.x) with an upgrade license (UP-X005-0001), the license activation fails with the following error message:

License level does not match previous license level

Answer / Solution:

This is most likely the result of an improperly upgraded license.

  • The Canon VRS 4.5 or 5.X OEM must be installed and licensed prior to upgrading to Kofax VRS Elite and activating the upgrade license.
  • The upgrade license information should be activated after upgrading to Kofax VRS Elite.

In either of these cases, VRS must be uninstalled and re-installed in the proper order as noted below:

  1. Install the Canon OEM VRS 4.5 or 5.X and configure the scanner.
  2. Load the scanner and verify that a VRS OEM license is active.
  3. Upgrade to Kofax VRS Elite. During the upgrade, enter the Elite upgrade license (UP-X005-0001)

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 5.1