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Manually Activate a Kofax VRS Elite license


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Question / Problem:

How can a Kofax VRS 5.x Elite license be manually activated?

Answer / Solution:

A Kofax VRS 5.x Elite license can be manually activated in the License Panel of the Kofax VRS Administration Console:

To manually activate a Kofax VRS 5.x Elite license:

  1. Click the Manual button on the License Panel in the Administration Console.
  2. The Manual Activation Window will display the part number, serial number, product code and machine ID.
  3. Click the Create File button.
  4. Navigate to the specified path indicated in the File Created window:
  5. Open the Activate.txt file in Notepad or a similar text editor.
  6. Launch an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  7. Navigate to the Kofax Product License Activation Web page.
  8. Enter the Kofax VRS serial number and an Email Address.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Proceed to fill out the User Identification and Product Identification fields.
Note: All the license information is listed in the Activate.txt file.
  1. Click Submit.
  2. Copy and paste the license code from the Web page into the Manual Activation screen.
  3. Click the Activate button in the Manual Activation window.
  4. The Kofax VRS is Active window will display when the license has successfully activated on the station.
  5. Click OK to close the window.

Applies to:

Product  Version 
VRS 5.0
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