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Proxy Requirements to allow VRS License Activation


Question / Problem: 

License activation fails because the Kofax VRS station is behind a proxy server.  How must the proxy server be configured to allow Automatic License Activation to succeed?

Answer / Solution: 

Kofax VRS connects securely to the Kofax license activation server at on port 443 when activating and deactivating a Kofax VRS license.  If corporate network traffic goes through a proxy server on its way to the internet, the proxy server may block the traffic and prevent the successful license activation or deactivation.

To ensure successful Kofax VRS license activation / deactivation, the proxy must be configured to allow:

  • TLS-secured connection to on port 443 
  • Anonymous access (no proxy server login required)


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 5.1



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