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Error 9902 Write license level to bag failed Status 16 when scanning with a Kodak i600 TWAIN source


QAID # 15197 Published

Question / Problem:

The following errors occur when scanning with a Kodak i600 TWAIN source with Kofax VRS 5.0 Elite:

9905 An unhandled exception was raised in VRS Server: ToolkitException and 9902 Write license level to bag failed. Status: - 16.

Answer / Solution:

The above errors are followed by:

9162 McVrsIPHndlr has been waiting for a response from an image processor for 60 seconds. Would you like McVrsIPHndlr to continue waiting? Click ‘Yes’ to continue waiting. Click ‘No’ to abort McVrsIPHndlr.

When this error occurs, the scanning application has to be forced to close. Upon reopening the application, scanning can continue normally.

This behavior has been seen to occur with a new installation of VRS Elite and the Kodak i600 TWAIN scanner, when scanning for the first time and a multifeed occurs. However, this behavior has not been consistently reproducible.

This issue has been documented as an Alert in SPR 88497.

Kofax recommends using the certified ISIS scan source for the Kodak i600 Series (Software) with Kofax VRS 5.x

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 5.0
Scanner Make Scanner Model
Kodak i610
Kodak i620
Kodak i640
Kodak i660