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Manually Disable Multicore Processing when it is grayed out in the VRS Administration Console


QAID # 19384 Published

Question / Problem:

Can Multicore Processing in Kofax VRS Elite (5.x) be manually disabled when it is grayed out in the VRS Administration Console?

Answer / Solution:

Yes, the Multicore Proccessing option can be manually disabled if it is grayed out in the VRS Administration Console. Typically this feature is only grayed out when an OEM version of VRS Professional 5.x is installed.

To disable Multicore Processing:

  1. Right-click and edit the KofaxReg.xml file found in the following directory with a text editor such as Notepad:
  2. Search for the following line:
    <MULTICOREPOLICY Value="2" Type="integer" />
  3. Modify the MULTICOREPOLICY to the desired value. The values provide the following options:
    0 = Auto
    1 = On
    2 = Off
  4. Save the changes and close the KofaxReg.xml file.
  5. Open the VRS Administration Console, select the Preferences tab, and under the Multicore Processing section, verify that the option changed.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
VRS-FUJ 5.1 Preferences