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Test Patch Code in VCDemo


Question / Problem: 

How to use VCDemo to test Patch Code Recognition

Answer / Solution: 

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  1. Run VCDemo.exe
  2. Load the scan source by selecting Scanner from the Source menu
  3. Configure the Scan Settings by selecting Properties from the Source menu
  4. Configure the VRS settings by selecting Advanced Properties from the Source menu
  5. Select Patch Code Properties from the Imaging menu
  6. Check the Enable checkbox
  7. If the Patch Code does not extend across the entire page, adjust the Left Offset To Center of Patch Code (in) value to the distance (in inches) from the left side of the page to the center of the patch code
  8. Click OK to close the Patch Code Properties window
  9. Select Analysis Window from the View menu
  10. Scan the page containing the patch code by clicking the Scan Single Page button, or selecting Process Image from the Source menu.
  11. In the Analysis Window, a TRUE value in the Patch Code Detect field indicates that patch code detection in enabled.  If a patch code was detected on the image, the Patch Code value will indicate the Patch Code type (I, II, III, IV, TVI, etc.)


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 5.1



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