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Profile Sharing in Kofax VRS 5.x Elite


QAID # 14238 Published

Question / Problem:

Can VRS Profiles be shared in Kofax VRS 5.x Elite?

Answer / Solution:

Yes, in a Kofax VRS client/server installation, an administrator can share VRS Profiles created on any workstation and make them available to other users who have the same scanner.

This is accomplished by using the Profiles panel on the Administration Console to “publish” the VRS Profiles and send them to the central repository that is accessible to other workstations. Other users can download published VRS Profiles from the repository by clicking Update Now on the Preferences panel. The most current published VRS Profiles are also downloaded automatically when a user selects a scanner for use with Kofax VRS. VRS Profiles are downloaded only if they apply to the scanner being used on the user’s workstation.

Shared VRS Profiles are listed with an S character, <S>, next to their names. Once a shared VRS Profile is edited and saved, the <S> designation is removed from the name.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 5.1