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Reserve Failed error when scanning using a Fujitsu fi-5900C scanner


Question / Problem: 

Receiving error message "Unable to initialize: Fujitsu fi-5900C with VRS with AIPE Reserve failed." when trying to scan in Kofax Capture.

Answer / Solution: 

It has been observed in this instance the scanner was missing some scanner profile folders.

Do the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Add the following folders that were missing in the ProgramData\Kofax\capture\local\ScannerProfiles:

    Fujitsu fi-5900C without VRS

    Fujitsu fi-5900C without VRS with AIPE

    Fujitsu fi-5900C with VRS

    Fujitsu fi-5900C with VRS with AIPE

  2. Rebuild the default fi-5900c scan sources.

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
VRS 5.1 Profiles
VRS 5.0 Profiles


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