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Certified vs Compatible Scan Sources

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What is the difference between a Certified scan source and a Compatible scan source when scanning with Kofax VRS?




  • Rigorously tested by Kofax 
  • Certified using scanner's ISIS driver or Hardware VRS driver
  • Requires VRS license level indicated for that model in the Online Scanner Configurator
  • Most scanner-specific ISIS driver settings supported
  • VRS includes default settings that are customized for each certified scanner model so that VRS can provide the best looking image possible
  • Scanners certified after general release of a version of VRS are added via Component Installer, which adds scanner to Certified list and installs license requirements and customized default settings



  • Not tested by Kofax
  • Must have TWAIN or ISIS driver
  • Must be capable of 8-bit grayscale or 24-bit color output
  • Basic scan functionality supported
  • Not all TWAIN or ISIS driver functionality supported
  • May produce less-than-optimal image quality
  • Require minimum Workgroup-level VRS license
  • Kofax strongly recommends thoroughly testing Compatible scan sources prior to using them in a production environment 


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax VRS 5.2
ALL ALL Scanner
Kofax Capture 11.1
ALL ALL Scanner


Article # 3047569
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