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Highest scanner resolution DPI supported by Kofax VRS

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Highest scanner resolution DPI supported by Kofax VRS

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Kofax supports scanning resolutions of up to 600 DPI when scanning in black and white and grayscale.  Resolutions up to 400 DPI are supported for scanning in color due to an increase in memory errors that can occur when processing 600 DPI color images.

Some scanner models supported by Kofax will note in their respective specifications that they are capable of scanning using a higher resolution than 600 DPI. In these cases, the specifications are pointing to "interpolated" and not "optical" (true) resolution.

Kofax does not support interpolated resolutions on a scanner, only the optical (true) resolution. If the scanner's resolution is listed as "600x1200 dpi Optical", it is actually only scanning at 600 DPI. The latter number refers to the scanner motor's stepping speed, in this example the motor can step 1/1200 of an inch even though the CCD on the scanner is only capable of 600 DPI. This combination is used by software to create images that appear to have a higher resolution by creating fake pixels of averaged color and intensity between two actual pixels.

Interpolated resolution is typically only used for reducing "jaggies" on line art images.

Some special scanner models are able to perform a higher optical resolution than 600 DPI, but Kofax does not presently support any scanner models that provide this capability.


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Product Version
VRS 4.5 and above


Article # 3038171
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