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Maximum Image Size Dimensions

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What is the maximum image size that can be imported and/or processed by Kofax VRS / ImageControls?



Kofax VRS is designed to process 200dpi black and white, grayscale, and color images with a horizontal dimension of up to 33.1 inches (6620 pixels) wide, and a vertical dimension of up to 46.8 inches (9360 pixels) long.

Kofax VRS is also designed to process images scanned using Long Document Scanning up to 117 inches (23400 pixels) long at a width of 8.5 inches (1700 pixels).

Increasing the horizontal dimension, vertical dimension, or resolution beyond the designed parameters may result in errors due to insufficient memory in the 32-bit addressing space to import or process the images.  The number of VRS image processing features that are enabled at scan time may also affect the ability to process images beyond the designed parameters.

The Kofax VRS TIFF image import engine has a maximum horizontal (width) limit of 21,000 pixels.  It also has a maximum vertical (height) limit of 32,000 pixels.  Attempts to import a TIFF image with a width of over 21,000 pixels or a height of over 32,000 pixels will fail.  Due to insufficient available memory in the 32-bit addressing space, it is possible that errors may occur while importing or processing images with dimensions that approach or exceed one or both of these limits.


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Kofax VRS 5.2




Article # 3032678
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