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Enable Long Document Scanning when using a BOWE BELL and HOWELL Spectrum 8000 series or Fujitsu fi-4860c or fi-4990c scanner with VRS 4.x

QAID # 2506 Published

Question / Problem:

How to enable long scanning when using a BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Spectrum 8000 series or Fujitsu fi-4860c or fi-4990c scanner with VRS 4.x

Answer / Solution:

In previous versions of Hardware VRS, scanning was limited to a maximum length of 17 inches. Starting in VRS 3.0, the maximum length has been increased to capture a document with a length of 36 inches when using the BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Spectrum 8000 series or Fujitsu fi-4860c or fi-4990c scanners.To take advantage of this feature, the Continuous Sheet option needs to be selected in the Scanner Properties.

In order to test this feature:

  1. Launch the demonstration application, VCDem32p.exe.
  2. Select Source ¦ Scanner and choose the appropriate VRS source.
  3. Once the source has loaded, select Source ¦ Properties to view the scanner properties.
  4. In the Other section of the Scanner Properties window, put a check in Continuous Sheet to enable the feature.
    It is also suggested to set the Paper Size to Maximum, to ensure that the entire document is captured.
  5. Once the settings have been modified, click OK to close the Scanner Properties window.
  6. When ready to scan, select Source ¦ Process Image and the entire document up to 36 inches should be captured.

Applies to:

Product  Version  Category 
VRS 4.5 Scan Settings
Scanner Make  Scanner Model 
Bell & Howell 8080DB
Bell & Howell 8080DC
Bell & Howell 8080SB
Bell & Howell 8080SC
Bell & Howell 8100DB
Bell & Howell 8100DC
Bell & Howell 8125DB
Bell & Howell 8125DC
Fujitsu fi-4860C
Fujitsu fi-4990C